About Us

We believe in a world where employees are fulfilled in their work & empowered to maximize their potential.

Our story

Meet Bodha's founders Karl and Sathish. Two men, obsessed about enhancing people's core essence while contributing to a larger vision.

Their story started when they met in 2018. At the time, Karl was a consultant, helping different companies to solve various problems. After 25+ years of doing this, he couldn't help but feel that he was not living according to his purpose.

"I wasn't leveraging my core talents and felt I was wasting time. I wasn't fulfilled" Karl said.

He desperately wanted to use his skills, interests & talents that he knew he was capable of thriving with. For Karl, these were Psychology, technology & entrepreneurial.

He thought to himself that he can't be the only one feeling this. And he was right...

Sathish has been experiencing the same problem but from a different angle. As a lifelong meditation practitioner, Sathish was deeply fascinated about looking inside and analyzing his own cognitive processes. After years of doing this, he started to notice some repeated individualistic patterns in the decision process in himself & with others...

There were always some core attributes and innate abilities in a person which made up their "essence" - intelligence, talents, values and personality traits. But there was no system in the world that objectively focused on enhancing these core attributes. The current education & corporate systems were all focussed on fitting people into boxes.

So when Karl & Sathish finally met, they decided to tackle this problem where it was most destructive - in businesses who hire the wrong talent or aren't able to nurture their existing talent to thrive.

They decided to develop Bodha, a platform designed to help these businesses hire the right people, put them into the right teams & nurture them to thrive - in alignment with the larger vision of the company.

Theoretically, there were already platforms that did this. But the ones designed for the recruitment were all based around funnelling people down and hiring the "closest match" - a game of chance... And the ones that measure performance, were designed to make it easier for managers to give feedback, but it was still very subjective and based on a very surface level understanding of the individuals' traits. In either of those scenarios, there was no way of pinpointing IF & WHAT was not working in the companies' hiring and team cohesion efforts.

That is the ONLY platform that identifies the cognitive traits of an individual in detail and then uses that to pinpoint the right person for a role, to align their goals with the company vision or to give objective & relevant performance feedback.

That's why Bodha.AI is able to help companies build cohesive teams, every time!

Our Leadership

Karl Cadet

Karl Cadet brings more than 20+ years of extensive and diversified experience in IT dedicated to Fortune 100 enterprise business solutions in areas like Legal Compliance, Cyber Security, Trade and etc. He has directed large technology implementation efforts focusing on delivering timely and accurate information to all Enterprise levels. Karl has managed global teams responsible for prompt problem resolution supporting mission critical and federally compliant Risk/Credit and Legal Compliant Management Systems. He also ran his own consulting company for twenty years as President of Cadet Enterprises Inc (CEI). Now, Karl Cadet brings his leadership experience to Bodha focused on overall operations, the cognitive science aspect of our solution and implementation of the Bodha project as Managing Partner.

John A. Johnson, Ph.D.

John A. Johnson is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the Pennsylvania State University. He has published numerous journal articles and book chapters on the personality and evolutionary psychology of moral and educational development, career choice, and work performance. Dr. Johnson is a recognized expert on computerized psychological measurement. Over a million persons have completed his on-line personality test, which was designated a Yahoo! Incredibly Useful Site of the Day. Dr. Johnson is currently assisting us as an advisor for the development of our cognitive science algorithms.

Sathish Pammi, Ph.D.

Sathish Pammi is our Artificial Intelligence (AI) expert. He holds a PhD in Computer Science, and author/co-author of more than 35 international publications in the area of Human Machine Interaction. Specifically, his expertise consists of conversational systems, speech synthesis, social signal processing and affective computing. Presently, Sathish is the Chief Architect and founding partner in the Bodha project.

Fabienne Cadet, Ph.D.

Fabienne Cadet holds a PhD in Marketing, a Master’s degree in Marketing Management; and a B.S. in Marketing with a concentration in International Business. She is currently a full-time professor and researcher. Fabienne is engaged with the development and implementation of Bodha’s marketing strategy.